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The Odingas: Shamelessly Preaching Reforms and Justice While Stealing from the Poor!!

June 25, 2015


· From our archives: Posting first done on Thursday, July 19, 2012 reposted to jog your mind. Calmly, kindly, please jog your mind. · “He (read Mr. Kigeugeu) and his father before him struggled against tremendous odds and government malfeance and interference to establish their family businesses,” Sarah Elderkin (Daily Nation, July 19, 2012). · […]

The Odingas: Pagan Rituals, Forces of Darkness and Baal Worship in Luoland!!

June 25, 2015


· SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Mr. Kigeugeu’s first cousin, National Assembly Deputy Majority Leader, and Gem MP, Washington Jakoyo Midiwo has spoken; and spoken, we believe, honestly and matter-of-factly. · Most supporters of Mr. Kigeugeu-led ODM believe the party has failed to capture power in the last two General Elections because of poll rigging. · The narrative […]

“The National Youth Service (NYS) is Moulding and Nurturing Our Youth to Be TRUE to SELF and TRUE to COUNTRY!!” – Cabinet Secretary Madam Anne Mumbi Waiguru.

June 24, 2015


· Indefatigable, focused and articulate Madam Anne Mumbi Waiguru, the Cabinet Secretary, Devolution and Planning, penned an interesting piece (Standard, Wednesday, May 13, 2015). · Madam Waiguru said: “The youth are the custodians of a nation’s posterity and no country can develop sustainably without investing in its youth. The youth represent Kenya’s dreams and hope […]

Mr. Kigeugeu Must Stop Peddling Falsehoods and Pathological Hatred!!

June 22, 2015


· Very serious food for thought: – · What, good people, does Mr. Kigeugeu believe in; what does he believe in as a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, an uncle, a Luo leader, a Kenyan, an East African, an African, a human being, et cetera? · Must he always plot and scheme negative […]

Mr. Kigeugeu Has No Moral Authority to Call for Any Corruption Investigation against Any Kenyan; He Should Be Investigated Himself; Because a Thief Should Not Be Allowed to Continue Shouting ‘Thief, Thief, Thief’ Meaninglessly!!

June 21, 2015


· Caution: – [NB: Very serious food for thought: Those comparing Mr. Kigeugeu with Nigeria’s President-elect must, honestly, be clinically mad. ·       Retired General Mohammadu Buhari is a great human being. He governed Nigeria as an army officer for 20 months in 1984 and 1985; and by all accounts, records and documentary evidence, he was […]

“Dadaab Refugee Camp is a Real Time Bomb; Let Us Close it Immediately!!” – Veteran Journalist, Gitau Warigi.

June 20, 2015


· Veteran journalist, Gitau Warigi, penned an interesting piece (Sunday Nation, May 17, 2015). · Warigi said: “When the Government recently announced its plan to send refugees in the Dadaab camp home, we all should have noted how fiercely the camp residents opposed the idea. · One young Somali woman who was born in the […]

“We Have No Option, But to Close Dadaab Refugee Camp!!” – Lawyer Korir Sing’oei, Legal Advisor, Office of the Deputy President.

June 19, 2015


· Lawyer Korir Sing’oei, Legal Advisor, Office of the Deputy President, inked an interesting piece (Standard, Monday, April 27, 2015). · Sing’oei said: “The Garissa University College attack, which led to the untimely death of 146 students and teachers, represents the most reprehensible terror attack against the country since the 1998 US Embassy bombing in […]


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