Mama Mukami Kimathi Should Not Defile the Spirit of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi Wa Waciuri By Associating with Criminals and Criminal Elements!

Posted on August 4, 2012


· 1) Whenever confronted with embarrassing moments, say exposing this or that corruption scandal, and it happens now and then, Mr. Kigeugeu is quick to stage a public show visiting “an ailing” Archbishop Kibe Ndung’u of AIPCA Church, Kenneth Njindo Matiba, Waruru Kanja, Martin Shikuku, et cetera.

· As Peter Kimani, a senior Editor with the Standard Group said (Standard, June 8, 2012): “Tinga’s (read Mr. Kigeugeu’s) regular sprints from one media spotlight to another, is either a sign of growing restlessness, and so he is unable to sit still for a moment, or his growing desperation for attention that can only bring him ruin. I think he is only tuned to making football rants that require little or no imagination.”

· Mr. Kigeugeu’s visit to the family of JM Kariuki and that of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi wa Waciuri must also be seen in this light. It is not something done in good faith by a concerned Kenyan;

· Rather, a confused presidential candidate is trying to run away from his own shadow; trying to come up with diversionary salvos and making foolish roadside proclamations like “I will get Kimathi’s body from Kamiti!”

· NB: If he knew where the body of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi was, he should have volunteered that information to the team that has been seeking to establish where the hateful British colonialists buried Kimathi’s body!

· Comrade Miguna Miguna stated very clearly in his book, Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya, that Mr. Kigeugeu has stolen public resources.

· But instead of addressing this burning issue, Mr. Kigeugeu believes that visiting the family of JM Kariuki or that of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi will make the matter go away. It will not. He must tell Kenya, Kenyans and the world whether he is a thief of public resources or not.

· We honestly think it is disgraceful for Mama Mukami Kimathi to continue defiling the spirit of her husband, Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi.

· Why does she want to behave like the government never gave her anything, at all, while the truth is different;

· Why host a man who is always trying to downplay the role played by the MAU MAU freedom fighters;

· Why host a man who “hates her as well” because, according to Miguna Miguna “Raila loves no one else but Raila himself”;

· Has she bothered to ask Mr. Kigeugeu to explain to her his pathological hatred of the Kikuyu/GEMA communities;

· Has she bothered to ask Mr. Kigeugeu to confirm the reason(s) behind his satanic murderous negative ethnicity pet strategy of 41 against 1, aimed at ethnic mobilisation and decimation of the Kikuyu/GEMA communities; has she bothered to ask Mr. Kigeugeu what the objectives and/or goals of that strategy were;

· Doesn’t Mama Mukami Kimathi find it degrading to wait for handouts at Mr. Kigeugeu’s office, in the company of the likes of conman and urchin Ngunjiri Wambugu;

· Doesn’t Mama Mukami find it insulting to the spirit of the Field Marshal, to be seen mingling with Mr. Kigeugeu, Miscreant Maina Njenga, et cetera;

· Doesn’t Maina represent the opposite of what the Field Marshal stood for: patriotism, progress, humanity, hard-work, or is she just interested in the handouts dished out by these criminals and criminal elements;

· Has she also joined the ODM-KPU Mt. Kenya branch, Mkenya Solidarity Movement, and is she prepared to join in its macabre rituals which include dancing-cum-peeing sessions on the graves of Mungiki victims;

· Did Mama Mukami look closely at the faces of those who accompanied Mr. Kigeugeu to her homestead;

· Does she know the patented hypocrite called Bishop Dr. Hon. Margaret Wanjiru Kariuki-Kamangu, and what she said inside her Church about a jigger-infested man she would help hang and bury;

· Does she know a celebrated thief of public funds called (no, not Mr. Kigeugeu, this time!), Henry Kosgey, who brought down the KNAC, among other things;

· Does she know the buffoon called Musa Sirma, an outstanding logger specialising in one of the most endangered species of trees in Kenya;

· Does she know Fred Outa, the goon who led his constituents in burning and burying the effigy of Comrade Miguna Miguna for telling Kenyans, and the world, the truth about her guest Mr. Kigeugeu;

· Does she know the bearded Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o, an very intelligent Kenyan who has now been reduced to “Mr. Kigeugeu’s size” and introduced to corrupt dealings and sycophancy to the extent that he now behaves like a real goat, et cetera?

· 2) One of those who hosted Mr. Kigeugeu, Rosemary Kariuki-Machua, a daughter of JM Kariuki should also assist us understand one thing, yes, just one thing for now…

· Mrs. Machua is a member of the House of Grace Church, Nairobi West and therefore operates under the banner of “born-again Christian”.

· But, again, Rosemary and her husband, Machua, are pioneers in a business that is not so holy: they are the owners of the Apple Bees Club, situated at the junction of Munyu Road and Gaberone Road, in Nairobi’s downtown, whose main business it is the display of naked young ladies!

· Allow us, with tremendous respect, not to expound further on what happens in the club. Machua, the husband, is also a politician and has, in the past, unsuccessfully offered himself in Makadara constituency.

· Encouraged by the success of the Apple Bees Club, other even more daring outlets, trading under the same theme, have come up. They include Liddos Discotheque, on Keekorok Road, Club Tahiti, on Mtoni Lane, River Road, Club Gabeez, on Keekorok Road, et cetera. Some, like Liddos Discotheque, have opened branches!

· Rosemary may not help us, on this, but political commentator and businessman (he deals in hides and skins) Monsieur Munyori reminded us that, “JM Kariuki was the greatest gambler during his time;

· JM Kariuki was the private secretary to our Founding Father and First President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta (The Burning Spear!) before he became Director, National Youth Service;

· He was also the chairman of the “MAU MAU Compensation Fund”; he owned a helicopter two years after independence, and used it to attend a Harambee in Kangema in 1967;

· At the Harambee, JM Kariuki arrived late and proceeded to ask “all those who had contributed to retrieve their donations”; JM Kariuki paid, pronto, the equivalent of what the Harambee anticipated to achieve, et cetera. Do your maths!” Nothing to add: Enough said! Everything is in black and white. Alluta Continua.

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