“A Bird In Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bushes!” – Prof. Kibisu Kabatesi.

Posted on December 12, 2011


· Let us recap, very briefly, on one or two items before we listen to Prof. Kibisu Kabatesi, the Director of Communications at Deputy Prime Minister and Local Government Minister Musalia Mudvadi’s office. 1) Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim has told the state to regulate the media for a peaceful 2012 General Elections; he said the media had failed to regulate itself and most FM stations fan animosity amongst Kenyans; he said some FM stations make inflammatory and vulgar statements (Maina Kageni, and others, come to mind); and warned Kenya would become a failed state if the media is not regulated.

· He (Maalim) added: “The government must step in and regulate the media before things go out of hand. We don’t want a replica of what happened in 2007 where FM stations were allowed to misuse the freedom of speech by inciting the public. We have given them an opportunity through the Media Council and Media Owners Associations to regulate themselves but this seems not to be yielding fruits at all!”

· 2) The Hague Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo was scheduled to hold a Town Hall-style forum with Kenyan Diaspora in America on the 2008 PEV; and on the interplay between the ICC and the upcoming elections in Kenya, in 2012. Ocampo was expected to be accompanied by the incoming Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda. What is his interest; what is the new conspiracy; and who are the powerful forces behind this latest move coming after Annan’s own comedy at the Crowne Plaza Hotel?

· Prof. Makau Mutua, the man in charge of the international lobby driving the conspiracy of evil to fix Kenyatta, Ruto and other Kenyans, was listed as a key participant alongside musician Mashuma Nyatta and actress Lupita Nyong’o (Prof. Nyong’o’s daughter).

· 3) Lately, Kenya has been hit by a spate of strikes: teachers, lecturers, nurses, doctors, KBC staff, truck drivers, Postal workers, et cetera, have gone on strike or threatened to do so, demanding higher salaries. Cotu Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has announced that doctors have agreed to renegotiate their grievances with Federation of Kenya Employers and Ministry of Labour, under the arbitration of the umbrella body COTU. Atwoli said: “Doctors are our sons and daughters and we must show them honesty and good faith.”

· In fact Atwoli’s son Dr. Atwoli Lukoye (who has a regular column with the Sunday Nation), is a mental specialist at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret. But Francis Atwoli should be thoroughly impartial (and not encourage unnecessary industrial actions) taking cognizance of the fact that he is one of those fronting some amorphous outfit the so-called G47, to be (fronted) mainly by trade unions and civil society groups, and hoping to field a presidential candidate, in 2012.

· NB: The strike has been called off and a Special Task Force set up. Thank God! President Kibaki had called for a quick solution.

· 4) Presidential hopeful Raphael Tuju has urged Kenyans to vote the next president based on track record and past performance, in public offices, saying that he has never been involved in any scandal. Tuju, who had attended the official launch of the Kirinyaga Council of Elders, presided over by Assistant minister for National Heritage Wilfred Ombui, said: “I have never been involved in any scandal like the Triton oil, maize, Kazi Kwa Vijana, et cetera, like some presidential candidates!”

· 5) Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, has dismissed politicians saying that a Kikuyu cannot lead the country after President Kibaki retires. At a meeting with professionals from the Meru region, who met to deliberate on the community’s political future, Kenyatta said he would battle it out with those who want the PNU Alliance presidential ticket but insisted that he still has his Kanu party, as its Chairman;

· Kenyatta, categorically, dismissed people saying that a Kikuyu cannot lead Kenya after President Kibaki emphasizing that vision was the criteria for choosing leaders and not their tribes; he told the gathering that the Mt. Kenya region should be in a common/single party with a national outlook and a Kenyan agenda under a single presidential candidate through a free, fair and democratic nomination process. He challenged the professionals to be involved in deciding who their leaders would be;

· Kenyatta said he wanted an environment that allows Kenyans to be the best they can be; and cautioned Kenyans to be wary of leaders who are out to divide them; those bent on negative ethnicity. He added: “Are you looking for a Kikuyu or a person with an agenda, programmes, policies and a national plan of action; one preaching genuine peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, healing, co-existence, cohesion and integration?”

· NB: Kanu, as a point of fact and without any iota of doubt, is the only party with a semblance of national outlook and network; the network(s) maybe inactive for the time being but if activated would cover all corners of this country, encompassing both the minority and majority tribes.

· To quote the first Executive Officer of the Independence party, Kanu Life Member No. 8, President Mwai Kibaki: a) “Kanu is like a mugumo tree; you cannot cut a mugumo tree using a razor blade!” b) “If your shirt got very dirty and stained, you do not throw it away, rather you wash it!”

· Since Prof. Mutua wrote an article, in the Sunday Nation of 4th December, 2011, saying that Peter Kenneth was the best suited to be Raila’s running mate (and remember Makau Mutua had also said the same about Paul Muite – he who knows not whether he is a mammal or a reptile), supporters of the Deputy Prime Minister and Local Government Minister, Musalia Mudavadi, have reacted sharply.

· His Director of Communications Kibisu Kabatesi, among other things (in an article in the People of 7th December, 2011), said: “In a frenzy to fashion running mates for ODM, I sense a spirited campaign to detract ODM from its chosen strategies. This is regrettable because focus on ODM has been more about a presidential running mate than the collective of ODM as a campaign machine…

· A marginal Fifth Column working in cohorts with its perennial competitors is running amok with unsolicited advice to Raila on whom to choose as a running mate. Recent forays by the PM in the Central Kenya region are taken for granted that he is seeking for a running mate, there. The idea of a Central Kenya running mate for Raila is a psychological coup against ODM diehard support bases…

· Working on the fears of ODM regional support bases over another Kikuyu presidency, pundits are throwing the spanner into the works by suggesting to them that after all Raila will betray their apprehension. The ploy is clever; create apathy within ODM and portray Raila as a pathological betrayer of courses and partners…

· More accurately, in Kenyan politics, a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes. Learn to guard your tenderloin for there is where your enemies’ paws are aimed!” There you have it. Those in Western Kenya who say that Eugene Wamalwa is not a serious presidential candidate are being very unfair; because if there is a politician who is not serious about running for president, then it is the patented coward called Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi! Alluta Continua.

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