Shame on Mutahi Ngunyi!

Posted on October 12, 2011


· On 14th September, 2011, on K-24, Mutahi Ngunyi made disparaging remarks about the GEMA communities, emphasising Raila as the next president. Why does Raila not get intellectuals (fake or not) from his backyard of Luo Nyanza or from any other community, to do his dirty work? In 2007, he used the likes of Maina Kiai, Muthoni Wanyeki, etc. He has now added the likes of Mutahi Ngunyi, Ngunjiri Wambugu, Ndung’u Wainaina, etc. to his political stable. They all look possessed by the evil spirits and their master always speaks through them: he has bought them hook, line and sinker, body and soul! They (Mutahi and Co.) say Raila’s strength is his ability to build and maintain a powerful political bloc like he did in 2007. But what glue held that bloc together? Is it not his murderous negative ethnicity strategy of 41 against 1? Are they (Mutahi Ngunyi and his ilk), telling the Kikuyu or GEMA (read Mt. Kenya communities) that 41 against 1 did not happen/exist? That it is the figment of the collective imagination of the GEMA communities? Or is he (Mutahi) saying:”It is OK as long as I get my pieces of silver!”

· Some questions for Mutahi Ngunyi, and his soul mates: Are you saying it is OK to have your grandmother, mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, or any other relative, raped as long as you are paid (to look the other side, to present them to the rapist or indeed pin them down for the rapist to have a better outing)? Are you saying those who were raped deserved to be raped; those killed deserved to be killed; those maimed deserved to be maimed; those displaced deserved to be displaced; those who lost property deserved to lose property, etc? And is Mutahi Ngunyi aware his candidate, who authored the IDPs, has never once visited them? Rotten apples did not deter the gallant struggle for independence, by the MAU MAU! The GEMA communities are a very tough people. The Constitution does not discriminate or stop anybody from seeking any elective office, on the basis of tribe, unless Mutahi Ngunyi’s Constitution is different. Trying to sell a Raila/Karua ticket will never work.

· Mutahi Ngunyi also shamelessly, and recklessly, peddled falsehoods that Jaramogi left “the seat” for Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and that Raila also “gave Kibaki the chance” via “Kibaki Tosha!” Manifest nonsense! Repeat: Mzee Jomo Kenyatta fought, for many years, and earned his place in history. “Kibaki Tosha!” was a NARC slogan that was supposed to have been announced by former VP Moody Awori, the oldest in the group then. Raila hijacked it for political reasons as is now obvious. Mutahi Ngunyi and Co. can continue selling their merchandise but caution: Please desist from diluting the role of the MAU MAU, in the freedom struggle, to appease your paymaster. You could attract an expensive curse. Alluta Continua.

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