Eugene Wamalwa: A Thorn in ODM’s Flesh!

Posted on October 10, 2011


· Listening to Raila and other ODM leaders is sometimes quite amazing. A case in point is when they are dismissing Eugene Wamalwa. One pities the dishonesty in the statements so issued; directed at the person of the young lawyer because they pretend he has no political impact, whatsoever. But that is wishful thinking. The PM and his brigade are in denial! Always the humble human being, Eugene likes to liken himself to the great King David of the Bible but even this, apparently, harmless comparison is not taken lightly, at all.

· Addressing mourners, at Malava, on 10th August, 2011, Raila dismissed Eugene Wamalwa’s analogy of himself (Eugene) as David, and himself (Raila) as Goliath saying the latter (that is, Goliath) fought with God not with David! Fair enough. And is he by any stretch of the imagination insinuating that his opponent could only be the Sovereign Lord Himself, no less? (Only atheists are known to take such positions!) But, be that as it may, who told Raila God ever stopped working in His people and/or among those who genuinely and honestly, believed and trusted in him, whole-heartedly?

· A true man of God, who has gone through baptism, among other Holy Sacraments, would never portray other human beings as lesser mortals. They are merciful, compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic, etc. But is he a Christian, in the first instance? Where does he go to church? Is he, really, baptised (not by Dr. David Owuor, please!). Baptised in the real sense, and not in a stage-managed political outing, in a Hotel swimming pool? And does he believe in the Living God? Of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, etc?

· Ababu Namwamba is not one to be left behind by his “president” bearing in mind he swore his allegiance to Raila, in Parliament, in 2008. He said the following, on 12th September, 2011, at Teachers’ Hotel, in Busia Town: “Eugene is behaving like a hyena! He is playing cheap politics with lives of the people.” These are words of a desperate masquerade. One, which people is Ababu talking about: those involved in the Busia fire tragedy? Two, a simple examination of a hyena reveals that it is greedy/gluttonous, opportunistic, selfish and mannerless. With due respect, these are some of the prominent traits resident in the ODM leadership, especially seen against their pursuit of raw power, using divisive negative ethnicity strategies.

· Eugene is a lawyer (just like Namwamba); he is a party leader (of New Ford Kenya); he proved he could deliver by ensuring the bullfighter (Dr. Boni Khalwale) won the Ikolomani by-election, against the (whole) ODM juggernaut; he has been to all corners of Western Kenya, combing virtually all villages, working up crowds at funerals and rallies more than any politician from the region, including the patented coward called Mudavadi; he raised Kshs. 500,000 for the Busia fire victims and families of the dead; he is a gifted public speaker, etc.

· Perhaps most distressing is the sub-tribal angle the fight against Eugene is taking. Former Ford Kenya leader, Musikari Kombo, says local leaders “seem uncomfortable with members of some sub-tribes (read the Bukusu). I feel pained when some leaders talk of ‘teaching the Bukusu a lesson’.” There you have it. But the Bukusu have a chequered history of consistency in their struggle for freedom and good governance from the days of the colonialists. They have always tended to be in opposition to the positions taken by the other sub-tribes, and so Eugene is only following in the footsteps of a well-trodden political track.

· But the Eugene factor has made ODM seek some useless assistance from some rather nondescript fellows like Peter Kenneth. Attacking Eugene Wamalwa, at Malava Boys’ High School, in Kakamega, on 24th September, 2011, the Gatanga MP said: “Mwambieni Wamalwa achukue msimamo. Mara hapa, mara pale. He should stop wavering.” Whatever he meant is quite unclear because Eugene has been admirably consistent. Of course he is fighting Eugene at the behest of his candidate, Raila! Kindly, please note that it was also at Malava that Raila attacked Eugene. Is it a coincidence? You can tell that to the birds!

· Meanwhile, Muite’s most anticipated statement was just another anticlimax: he assembled some suspicious fellows as representing the Matatu fraternity, Thomas Bichanga and Samson Wainaina. These are ODM youth wingers. Alluta Continua.

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